KALIMNOS has set a target of continuously improving her products. For this cause a good organized R&D department is organized and working in the company. To conformation of her products with the latest European standards is the highest priority of the firm.

All of the bottom loading equipment are designed and constructed according to the European standard according to the ADR 2005 international agreement.






SK3500C DOT Manhole Cover

SK3500St DOT Manhole Cover

SK4500Al ADR Manhole Cover

SK4500St ADR Manhole Cover

SK10600 Bottom Loading Adaptor (API)

SK1976 Vapour recovery adaptor

SK4''HP Bottom Valve

SK4''LP Bottom Valve

SK1977 Vapour Transfer Valve

SK1977S Vapour Transfer Valve

SK1975NO Coaming Vent Valve

SK1975NC Coaming Vent Valve

SK2100 P/V vent

SK3''M-P Bottom Valve

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